My Last Post

I’ve been reading some of the blogs already posted for this week, and the consensus is almost the same throughout. It goes something like, ‘this class was scary at first, and we didn’t know what to expect, but by the end of the year it was not only memorable, but a personal favorite​.’ With fear of repetition, I’d have to agree. This semester, a lot of us surprised ourselves in this class, with our ability to speech publicly, the improvement within our writing, and specifically for myself, a large improvement in article research and information processing. Was I a little skeptical about this class and the way it worked at first? Yes, especially since I had to give the first round of talks, but you know, everything was great and I believe many of us can agree on that.

So what will I be taking away from this class? First, for those of us who showed up to almost every class, we became a community for these couple months. I looked forward to my peers talks every week, many of them were actually quite interesting. I appreciate the respect between classmates during this class. I have also greatly improved my writing, and my ability to critically look at others work while still delivering a respectful opinion. I have gained confidence in speaking, and also confidence in my ability to submit classwork on time. I am the world biggest procrastinator, and yet, I would almost always be doing my blog Tuesday or Wednesday evening, which was a real change for me. I’ve also learned that research into a topic doesn’t have to be dry and boring, and when it’s about something you have interest in, the learning seems to come naturally. I’ve learned a great deal more about serial killers than I knew before, and thats always great. All in all, this class was a wonderful experience, much less stressful and structured than my other classes this semester, but no less thoughtful, informative and educational. Lastly, I will take away the fact that there are many ways to run a classroom, and learning doesn’t have to be all the same, respecting those classes who try and break away from the norm a little more.


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